About project

Lead Partner: Czech Switzerland o.p.s. - A non-profit organization whose mission is encouraging sustainable development in the region
Partner: Naturschutzzentrum Neukirch (Oberlausitz) - a nonprofit organization that focuses on environmental education, awareness and education
Total eligible expenses: approximately 191 011 EUR (85% ERDF: 162 359 EUR)
Implementation: 1. 4. 2014 - 31. 12. 2014
During the project, there will be created a set of specific products for visitors of Saxon Switzerland, which will strengthen cross-border offer in tourism, and will be implemented marketing campaign representing these newly created products.

Main outputs:
New tourism products sustainable tourism smaximálním use of public transport
• Verifying the fiction of connection to public transport links to the Saxon Switzerland
• Analysis of Marketing Communications offer of public transport
• Studies of cross-border cycle network
• Creation min. 15 hiking tours with a guide.
• Marking hiking trails Lusatian clutch with Czech partner
• Approving the way and labeling Lusatian clutch on the territory of Saxony
• Verification of newly created products within 10 tours in the region