Through the forgotten landscape of the granite highlands with lesser-known views of Saxon Switzerland

Dolní Poustevna TRAIN STOP – Maxova Bouda (Max's Hut) - Solný Sloup (Salt Pillar) 3.5 - Rugiswalde – Unger 6.5 - Krumhermsdorf TRAIN STOP 8 - Ulbersdorf 12 – Ulbersdorf TRAIN STOP 14 km

Lobendava, town centre, crossroads of the blue and green routes – 2 km north along the road to the hamlet of Severní (green route), open terrain.

In Severní, there is a crossroads with the yellow route, which we follow to the left west, between cottages and then along a wide paved path into the forests at the national border. Recently, there have been occasional wolf sightings. Past the border, you will come upon the large Hohwald German clinic, in the middle of the deep forest.

The yellow route now leads to the northeast and east along the border through continuing forests (we will follow the border for approximately 9 km all the way to Třípanský Kámen/Three Manor Stone), then a climb over Bukova (Beech) Mountain (the highest point of the route, at approximately 500 m), with beautiful old beech trees and granite boulders, and then a descent to the northernmost point of the Czech Republic (once of the entire Austro-Hungarian monarchy). Benches, information signs.

The route heads downward alongside the border along a small stream into meadows to a paved path – border crossing (bicycles and pedestrians only) in the direction Lipová – Steinigtwolmsdorf. A shorter variant of the route meets us here along the green markers from Lobendava (see below); the yellow route ends.

The route continues along the ridgeway, in places along a footpath, along the border through beautiful mixed forests (all the way to Prinz-Friedrich-August-Baude along the German blue route). The route features signs from a German nature trail ("NS po stopách červeného mravence"/"NT on the trail of the red ant," that leads along the border to the crossing in Rožany, a total distance of 12 km) with information about the surrounding flora and fauna, and many rest areas.

In some sections of the waterlogged forest the trail leads along the plank walkways, finishing in a climb (the NT and the national border make a sharp right turn, where we split off) to the rest stop at Třípanský Kámen (Dreiherrenstein/Three Manor Stone), dating back to 1750, which once marked the borders of three manors, including the Haispach estate (today's Lipová). The blue route directs us further along a wide, paved path (pay attention to the signposts!!) to the edge of a meadow with a view of the Lusatian Mountains, Ještěd, and of the mountain lodge and lookout tower. From the lookout tower, there are far-ranging views, particularly to the east of Horní Lužice, the Lusatian Mountains (Jedlová, Luž, Hvozd), Ještěd, the Jizerské Mountains, the Krkonoše Mountains, and to the south of the Lusatian Highlands territory in the Šluknov promontory (Tanečnice/The Dancer).

The journey thus far to the east now veers southward, to the southeast.

We descend gradually along the green route to the mountain hamlet of Neudorf, nestled in the forests. In the winter excellent cross-country skiing trails are maintained in places along the meadows here, and include a parking lot free of charge – access by car from the Czech Republic is possible only at the Rožany – Sohland border crossing. The road crosses through the hamlet that then continues to Lipová (crossing for pedestrians and bicycles only). Set off first through forest, then through open terrain, with a view of Solandský Pond, and after the 23rd km, we walk into the centre of Lipová, around the church, to the prominent building of the school (and children's home) to the local municipal office and renovated half-timbered house with its information centre, open daily 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. The town is also home to the Zámecký (Chateau) Pond and its prominent Baroque chateau, whose renovations are successfully under way. See the links below.

You can catch your connection through Velký Šenov to Rumburk for your return from the bus stop here.

Places of interest on the route:
Dolní Poustevna
Centrum Setkávání community centre
Nature trail
Triangulation pillar (Salzsäule) on Gerstenberg
Hutberg Hill by Ulbersdorf

Route options:

Main route - Dolní Poustevna TRAIN STOP – Maxova Bouda (Max's Hut) - Solný Sloup (Salt Pillar) 3.5 - Rugiswalde – Unger 6.5 - Krumhermsdorf TRAIN STOP 8 - Ulbersdorf 12 – Ulbersdorf TRAIN STOP 14 km

Variant 1 - Dolní Poustevna TRAIN STOP – Maxova Bouda (Max's Hut) - Rugiswalde – Krumhermsdorf TRAIN STOP.


  • Track category: On foot
  • Difficulty: Medium difficulty
  • Highest elevation: 543.3 m.a.s.l.
  • Lowest elevation: 236.8 m.a.s.l.
  • Sum of elevation: 360.4 m
  • Track length: 12 km
  • Time required: 5 hodin / Stunden / hour
  • Track type:
    • Car-free